3 Tips For Getting Faster This Summer

1. Run Often

One of the keys to getting faster is you have to practice moving fast.  It’s just like anything else.  If you don’t move it you lose.  Or, if you didn’t necessarily have it in the first place you won’t magically get it without practicing speed.  The distance will be short and the intensity high so merely a few reps per session and 2-3 times a week should do the trick.

2. Run With Intent

The next step is dialing up that intensity level.  There’s running fast and then there’s attempting to run like you’ve never run before.  This intent to get to absolute maximal speed is the key.  Otherwise you might just be in cruise control.  Probably the best way to run with intent is to time it.  Time your sprints, even if of various distances, often.  Try to run as fast as you ever have before and get immediate feedback via your time.  Improvement will not be linear, i.e. some days won’t be your best, but the key is give it everything you’ve got and over time you will improve.

3. Get Stronger

Speed, and the short burst acceleration seen in most sports can largely be attributed to strength.  This is especially true in young athletes.  The stronger you are and more you can produce force into the ground, the faster you can accelerate.  With compound exercises like goblet squats, hang cleans, split squats and sled pushes the lower body will get stronger and better at pushing through the ground.