The Beginner

Long ago in 2014 I heard Nils Lofgren of E Street Band fame talking about a Beginner School that he had started for guitar players.  Now, I don’t know too much about the school, how it’s doing 4 years later, or really much about Bruce and The E Street Band but the message that Nils offered still resonated with me. The message was this:

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Tony Holler’s 666 Theory

Coach Holler has been coaching for literally as long as I have been alive.  He came onto my radar about two months ago and I’ve enjoyed his perspective on training (his focus being mainly on speed for track and football).

I bring this “theory” up because I thought it might provoke some thought or discussion.  Not only because the 666 stands out but also for the reason that it appears to almost be unmotivating at first glance.  “What do you mean I can’t be different tomorrow?  I’m ready to make a change for the better in my life today!”   Continue reading “Tony Holler’s 666 Theory”

You Have Permission

Someone recently asked me why I thought women might shy away from lifting heavy weights on a regular basis.  I thought about it for a little while and although truly there could be any number of reasons, I came to the conclusion that one major reason is that they haven’t been given permission.  Only relatively recently has women’s strength, athletics, and fitness begun to change. Continue reading “You Have Permission”