Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to training.  Here are 5 different ways to consider it in your situation.

#1 Your Ability to Move:

You know the saying, if you don’t use it, well, eventually you won’t haven’t it anymore. Something like that.  I believe the key to longevity is to maintain the ability to move for years on years. As soon as you stop, the next day, month or year will become harder and in many cases motivation starts to dwindle.  Just don’t stop moving.  Even if it’s minutes a day in the worst case scenario.  If you can squat down or get up off the ground today, you can do it tomorrow and the day after that.  Be consistent for a lifetime.

#2 Practice:

Regardless of age, if you practice something consistently you will get better. Be it progressive resistance training, flexibility or a new bodyweight exercise, you must practice to gently push the dial toward mastery.  It may or may not reach a level of satisfaction but it will in the very least keep you coming back for more.

#3 Stick to Something:

Major principles should always guide your training.  Don’t be a victim of shiny new toys. New fads come around all the time.  Yes, you should experiment with different ideas, ways to train, etc from time to time but changing your mind on a weekly basis should be avoided as should trying to master many things all at the same time.  Hang in there for a while and trust in the system.  Then you can make informed decisions and the appropriate changes as needed.

#4 Long Term Results:

This to me is the obvious one and what I think about most. The longer I coach the more I see and believe that those who consistently put in the time get the best results.  Not commitment of 100% effort every day until you’re lying on the floor in a puddle of sweat and blood.  I mean 6 months, 1 year or more of just showing up, working at 80% effort about 80% of the time and being mindful of the food you’re taking in. That kind of consistency.  Little and often over the long haul as Dan John likes to say.

#5 Coaching:

For the coaches, how you approach things on a daily basis should be consistent as well. Using the same terminology, cues and program design is important.  Although maybe cute and fun for a while, having people feel like each time in the gym is totally different and exciting only helps with #1 on the list above and can negatively impact #2-4.

– Mike Baltren