Why Do We Train?

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Why workout?  There’s various reasons why someone might begin and/or stick to a workout regimen.  Some people do it for heart health, some so they might be able to keep weight off as they get older, others do it to stay active and participate in Spartan Races or Highland Games and yet others simply because it makes them feel good.  Some people talk about being prepared for anything or a Zombie Apocalypse, which is fine. Most people are aware of the “runner’s high” and I do believe that the same type of feeling exists in other activities like weight training.  Much of what is listed above applies to my personal goals but there’s also a little something else.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I was digging the decorations out of the storage area.  Now, the storage area is relatively tidy at this point but it’s packed tight and the area is small.  This meant that I had to remove several boxes/containers from above the height of my head, climb over others, balance some with my other arm and sometimes head to be able to get to a different one.  It was no easy task.  I think most people can relate to this scenario whether they are climbing up in the attic or digging through all their seasonal junk in the basement.  It’s the least enjoyable time of the year.

When I was done, what struck me was that this was rather physically demanding and involved a lot of lifting, stepping, twisting and holding.  The end result was a great Christmas decor and I luckily other than a little fatigue, I felt perfectly ok.  But, one of the reasons I train weekly and for the long haul is just do this “stuff” and have it ultimately not affect me negatively. 

A major component of training for myself and those I work with is the importance of practicing moving in the gym, in a somewhat controlled environment as compared to my storage space, in various directions, at different speeds and with different objects and/or loads. This allows us to be a robust, capable human being that can attack life. So why train? To survive Christmas, have a half step more on the zombies, simply feel good and keep “using it” so I don’t “lose it”.

Mike Baltren